A downloadable engine

The 0m3ga Visual Novel Engine will play visual novels as well as let you create and share them. This visual novel creator will let you make your own visual novels without needing ANY programming skills! To understand how to create your own, just visit http://vnengine.com/documentation.html


- Multi-platform! (Make your game once, run it on all supported platforms)
- Create and share your own visual novels!
--> Easy to use tagging system that lets you create visual novels without any programming skills.
--> Easy uploading to share and update your visual novels.

- Download and play visual novels that other people create!
--> Simple list of FREE visual novels that are easy to download
--> Play all your visual novels offline!
--> Save states and load states for saving and loading your progress for each visual novel

- Cloud
--> Save your progress to the cloud and load it on other devices you are logged in to

For more information on the 0m3ga Visual Novel Engine please visit http://vnengine.com

This app creates a "VNE" folder on your PC when creating your own visual novels.

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